Maternity Photography Flemington NJ: Bethany

Maternity Photography Flemington NJ: Things to Love about Pregnancy

As a woman who became a mother around 3 and a half years ago, I tried to go back and think about things I used to love about my pregnancy. One of them is pretty clear: the little bundle of joy that runs around the house today! She is a blessing and I wouldn’t have my life any other way. But I went back to “what as a woman” did I like, in a more humorous, “let’s share among us ladies” kind of way. While I was making the list, I came across this list (click here) as well on There are some things I agree with, and some I disagree. But that’s not the point and not a conversation that I want to have in this post. For that, us ladies need to sit around the coffee table with our significant others outside with the babies, so we can chat (and complain about them!).

Wow, I just rambled on there, didn’t I? Getting back to the point. I like two points from that list. The first, “Being able to take naps without an excuse in the middle of the day”. Absolutely. Why not? It was the perfect thing to do. And second, “Being able to wear comfortable shoes and no one thinks twice”. I would change this one slightly to “being able to wear comfortable shoes and clothes”.

Maternity Photography Flemington NJ: Take great photos

I am really happy when a mom-to-be inquires about a maternity photography session. Even if she does not end up working with me, I am still happy for her as a woman. We need joy and happiness during this time when we feel the responsibility of nurturing a life inside of us- see the article from – “9 Joys of Pregnancy“. I’ve felt like it at times.

Bethany – a beautiful mama!

Bethany is beautiful. There’s a playfulness and charm about her that made the session so great. And seeing her interact with her son, I know she is really caring. So without further ado, here are the photographs from the maternity photography Flemington NJ session.

Maternity Photography Flemington NJ - Belly

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