4 week old newborn photos: Baby Emma

Newborn photos are generally best within 5 and 12 days of age – that’s bullet point number in our Tips for Newborn Photography session. By then, the babies still haven’t forgotten the comfort and love of the womb. They are less active and still trying to understand the new world they’ve come into. As a baby grows older, it is tough to get those cute newborn poses you see in these blog posts.

Don’t forget to check out Emma’s lovely newborn baby video.

And the lovely photos:

Emma’s mom contacted me when she was 3 1/2 weeks old. Leaving for vacation two days later, I couldn’t wait to get this little cutie in our studio. And was I happy I did that. Although Emma was 4 weeks by the time we did the session, the pictures were perfect!

I guess I have my mentors, the best newborn photographers in the country like Julie Klassmeyer and Kristen Mackey to thank for coaching me right. Thanks ladies.


With the hand on the chin and the cute pink hat, Emma looks lovely in this photo from her 4 week old newborn photography session

Love the crown and the pastels colors in this photo

emma in rug pose

baby looked gorgeous in blue wrapped pose on a blue rug

How to pull off the perfect froggy pose

The perfect froggy pose – really difficult at 4 weeks but Emma just rocks it.

Sleeping on the moon like an angel.

Mom would definitely say “love you to the moon and back”

Baby in her dream world with teddybear

Another perfect pose by Baby Emma – this girl was on a roll

beautiful sibling shot with older brother and sister

Look emma, we will catch the stars together

Love for nature. Emma in pink and rust, the two colors that go so well with each other

I call this the gorgeous color combination – rust and pink, and they are beautiful.

Emma on roll with her posing

Another perfect pose by Emma in pink. You were stunning and all colors looked good on you

Baby on her back in lounge pose

Thats what i call a perfect lounge pose

newborn with parents

Mom and Dad are all smiles. And why wouldn’t they be? 🙂