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 The cutest photos from Cake Smash Photography sessions

A cake smash photography session is exactly what it means. You take a cake. Bring a 1 year old cute baby next to it. And bam! The kid smashes the cake. It’s the first time that s/he has tasted sugar. Their expressions, their approach, and the ultimate result (for the cake!) are awesome to watch.

Have you seen any photographs from the sessions for cake smash photography package captured by Avnida Photography? Did you say no? STOP! First, slide through the pictures above. You will smile, fall in love, and wish you could do it too. Three reasons why I loved photographing each and every one of these sessions, and doing cake smash sessions in general.  I’d love to say it, but it’s not (just) the cake, it’s the cutest babies giving us awesome expressions. Whether they are crying, or smashing into the cake, these are memories you and they will be remembering forever.

Frequently Asked Questions

Cake Smash Photography Packages

CLICK HERE to inquire about the packages, and your interest in receiving digital images and/or prints.

We will send you a detailed session guide. It includes tips for parents to be prepared for the cake smash session,  suggestions for the type of cake to choose, frosting colors to avoid, local bakeries that we’ve worked with successfully. Of course, it also includes details for the various packages.

NOTE: Kids safety is first and foremost to us. Therefore, please know that we do not provide the cake for the session.

Recognition for Avnida Photography

Cake smash photography is one of our favorite sessions to do. And to brag a little – we are awesome at it. It is no wonder then that we were approached and interviewed by Chasing News, local Fox News sister channel. Check out our video on YouTube.


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