Holiday Photos – Mini Sessions

It’s the season for some good holiday photos

It’s that time of the year. Late Oct. You live in the Northeast. The leaves are falling. The air is getting colder day by day. The daylight savings time is about to start. The malls start playing the holiday songs. The coffee shops bring back special drinks back on the menu. All of this can mean one thing. It’s time for HOLIDAY PHOTOS. To capture the memories of fun times with your loved ones. Parents and grandparents with their family. The doting husband, the crazy-in-love boyfriend or girlfriend, or with the cute pooch who barks happily every time s/he sees you.

Memories last a lifetime. Holiday photos capture those memories. We display them proudly and affectionately. In our home and office. Having a tough day? Look at the pictures from your holiday photos session. See that smile come across face? Perfect! That’s how life is meant to be lived.

3 Unique Setups, Limited Sessions, Book Now

At Avnida Photography, we offer a limited number of holiday photos sessions. These sessions carry a special pricing. Three years into doing these sessions, it is now a tradition for us. We offer them at a price to make them reachable for families from any walk of life. Each year, we start working early to find an entirely new setup. Something that is unique. Something that makes you think holidays. After all, these are holiday photos.

And each year, we get an amazing response. The first batch of sessions we release gets sold out within 48 – 72 hours. With the volume of emails we receive, we have to extend the number of sessions. In 2014 and 2015 we offered 6 sessions in the first batch. We ended up doing several times that number. So this year, we’ve learned our lesson 🙂

That said, and you’ll agree, it feels good to get that love. From repeat clients and new. From families close by in NJ, or far away. Each year, we have families come from NY State, PA or even Connecticut.

Holiday Photos Session Dates: Book by Nov 7th and save $25

Click on the “Contact” link above to send us the following to book your session:

  • Setup preference: Cozy Cabin, White/Red Christmas
  • Date preference: Cozy Cabin (Nov 12, 18), White/Red Christmas (Nov 11, 19). See details below for each session.
  • Session preference*: $200 (5 images), $350 (10 images)

Once I get these details, I will send you an invoice. Your session will be confirmed upon payment of the invoice.

Holiday Photos Setup: Cozy Cabin, White/Red Christmas

It is a cold winter day. Snow is falling outside. The holiday spirit has you in the mood for some relaxation. What better way than to relax in a cozy cabin, sipping some warm hot chocolate, and hugging your loved ones. Capture such a unique moment with our Cozy Cabin setup.

A-Warm-Cozy-Cabin-Photo-in-the woods photo setup-by-Avnida-Photography-in-New-Jersey

A warm cozy cabin in the woods on a snowy day, with hot chocolate and the company of loved ones.

Cozy Cabin – looking through the window

Red & White Holiday Photos setup. Elegance and fun at the same time.

Red & White Holiday Photos setup.

White Holiday photos setup.

*pricing listed does not include applicable NJ sales tax (7%)