Newborn Photography Packages

Package details for Newborn Photography

Newborn photography packages start at $450. Please click on “Contact Me” link above, or HERE to inquire about packages. We will send you a newborn photography session guide. It includes pricing and details for the packages, and tips for parents to be prepared for the session.

About Newborn Photography

The birth of a child is a special day in the life of the parents and the family. Your newborn photography session is a special time for you, and we should schedule it prior to the baby’s birth. In order to get those special newborn poses, I recommend that we do the session when your precious little newborn is between 5 and 12 days new.

Just Relax

During the session, I will be handling the baby and doing the posing. For the most part, you can sit back and relax. I may ask you to hold up a blanket or possibly help hold the baby in a certain position. Since certain poses will need your baby in his/her birthday suit, most likely this will lead to leaks happening on the blankets or me. I am totally used to this so don’t let that stress you out! In the end, the photos we will get are totally worth it.

Newborn Baby’s Comfort

We need the area reasonably warm to comfort the newborn. I have a space heater to use as needed. We want the baby to sleep as soundly as possible for those newborn photography poses, and that requires comfortable clothing. I’ll be checking in with you to chat about clothing choices. It’s a great idea to plan the outfits at least 2 weeks before the session. Also bring ample change of clothes for you and the baby.

About Us & Contact

At Avnida Photography, it’s all about “Love…Life…Lens”, all of my sessions focus on capturing the love between families, the joy and celebration of a new life, the excitement of graduation for a senior, and many life events like these through my lens. We provide several options for photography sessions to invest in to capture these memories, through digital images on a CD that you print at a local lab of your choice, or prints and other items that I help get for you from professional, high-quality printing labs such as Millers. There’s no right or wrong answer here, and I believe that you should have the option to and choose from the investment option that suits you the best.

Remember, the most important thing is for you to relax, have fun, and together we will create and capture some great memories.

Prices listed do not include applicable sales and local taxes.

Newborn photography retainer fee includes the talent and time for consultation on color guidelines, posing, location and photographer’s work towards taking and enhancing the images. Session location can be at our studio, or a location of your choice (except for newborn). All retainer fees cover 20 miles of travel from Basking Ridge, NJ. Print credits will need to be claimed within 14 days after you receive the final edited digital images. 100% of the retainer fee is required to secure the date for the session and is non-refundable.