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Newborn Photography Portfolio: Watch & Melt Away

Newborn Photography Portfolio: Thanks to all the cute NJ babies


Newborns, the cutest partners-in-crime for awesome newborn photographs. And these are just a few photos from my newborn photography portfolio of over 400+ newborns. Those who have helped me get the cutest and sweetest newborn photos. Of course, I was there scheming with their parents.

Of course it helps that my studio is full of hats and caps, colorful ties for the junior, tutu skirts for the princess, and backdrops that just make you go “ooh” and “aah”. Newborn photography, like other forms of photography, is about creating a visual experience that’s delightful. While the cute cheeks and smiles help, a dash of beautiful surroundings add color to the mix.

You can view my newborn photography portfolio by reviewing the images in the gallery above, some of the recent posts, my Facebook page or my Instagram account. You can also scroll below or click here to get tips for newborn photography or get investment details for a session.

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  • Investment: Click for answers to questions about Newborn Photography NJ Investment? – Covers answers for questions such as: how long will a session last, what will we do during the session, what you need to bring, session fees, etc. Newborn photography packages start at $375. Please click on “Contact Me” link above to inquire about the different packages that are available. Contact quickly because sessions get to booked really fast.
  • Newborn Photography Tips: Click for Newborn Photography Tips for parents – Lists the Top 10 frequently asked questions (FAQs) that newborn parents have. Those parents who have been clients of Avnida Photography helped us compile this list – these are questions they wished someone had answered for them before they came to us. For your help, we’ve listed them and the answers on this page.


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